Cycle Hearse UK

A company providing the UK’s original electric cycle hearse.

The Problem

Cycle Hearse UK developed the UK’s original electric cycle hearse giving bicycle lovers and those wanting to make a green statement the goodbye they always wanted. They ran into issues when they realised that they had introduced an incredible service, but lacked the online presence to display it.

Our Solution

Cycle Hearse UK decided to come to us after being referred from a past client of ours. Firstly, we met with Cycle Hearse UK to outline the specifications and the purpose of the website. We then turned this into a visual wireframe to present to the client and gain feedback. We designed the site using the wireframe and met with Cycle Hearse UK frequently to show progress and listen to additional feedback to ensure that we were on track to achieving the website they dreamed of. Cycle Hearse UK wanted to showcase their service and the cycle hearse itself so we embedded a sliding gallery to display to their audience. The end result was an elegantly crafted site that displayed and showcased the magnificent service that Cycle Hearse UK had brought to their market.


TJB Digital services are without doubt the best web design Swansea based company out there. Not only are they extremely reasonable for the service they provide, nothing is too much trouble and their relaxed attitude goes a long way. As a company who were looking to expand the services we offer, they were a safe hands to entrust our new website; keeping us up to date at all times, the communication was second to none. I can hand on heart say that TJB have been probably the most cost effective digital service provider that we have used. Thank you.

Mark Thomas
Cycle Hearse UK