Hytech Detailers

A car valeting and detailing franchise

The Problem

Hytech Detailers provide high precision car detailing and valeting services to Cardiff, they took appointments through email and phone calls and recorded them in a book. They decided to expand their business by opening a franchise in Swansea, therefore, they needed a system that would schedule appointments for both divisions and provide their clients with an online portal to book appointments.

Our Solution

Hytech Detailers came to us. We created a site and linked it to a booking system using Setmore that scheduled appointments for both teams while also giving customers an online path to book appointments. The appointment system is completely scalable for future franchisees and will grow as Hytech grows. Now they have a central booking system that can be viewed anywhere, fifteen minutes before an appointment the team will get an email reminder as well as a link that takes them to a satnav app that guides them to their appointment.