Our Services

TJB Digital Services aims to offer your business the bespoke, modern and fully customisable website that both you and your customers deserve. Alongside this, we also provide efficient hosting solutions and search engine optimisation plans.

What We Do Best

At TJB Digital Services we pride ourselves on offering our clients the services that they need at a price they are willing to pay!

Web Hosting

Top quality web hosting that ensures the efficient running and loading of your site. We will undergo routine maintenance and make any changes or additions to your site that you deem necessary.

Web Design

The creation of dynamic, responsive and engaging websites that ​showcase your business and it’s product offering.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimisation that boosts your position on the Google results page, ensuring increased exposure to both potential and existing clients.

We Also


Using powerful software to create quality or quirky animations for any purpose.


Producing excellent wireframes to showcase the basic blueprint of your pending website.

Work with a Team of Talented Design Experts!

Our TJB Team will work closely with you through the entire design process. We strive to produce the website of your dreams, meeting each and every one of your specifications, leaving you with a unique and appealing online presence.

Fun Facts


Of internet users will likely return to mobile-friendly websites.


Of people cited a website's design as the #1 factor in deciding the credibility of the business


Of online users will not return to a website following a bad experience.

Customer Testimonials

“TJB services created a fantastic website for my business in a much shorter timescale and at a much cheaper price point than I had been quoted by other companies. Communication with the team at TJB was regular and they ensured the site was designed to my exact specifications. I am very happy with the finished website TJB has created for us and I have been recommending them as a web services provider to all of my peers – thanks guys!”

Sion Williams

Retro and Vintage Swansea

“TJB digital have been great in designing our new website. Incredibly easy to work with, always answer at anytime, very helpful in showing how the website works. Overall a great company to work with and would highly recommend to anyone looking to update or create a new website for their website.”



Tom Young

Automated Trading Solutions

Bespoke Website Creation


What Can We Offer You?

TJB Digital Services can offer you a premium, fully customisable website matched with your business’s needs, featuring an array of plug-ins such as booking systems, contact forms and payment providers enabling you to bring your business online.


Why Choose Us?

At TJB Digital Services aim to work closely with your business before, during and after delivering your website. Teaching you the in’s and out’s of how to manage, edit and optimise your new website. Our team’s keen eye for design will create a cutting edge website aligned with modern trends to keep you and your website on top.

Process & Workflow.

Our TJB Process & Workflow enables our design team to gather essential competitor research, create effective wireframes and design the perfect website for you!

Project Research

Firstly, our design team undertakes project research into existing websites in your market.


We then produce a wireframe to display the initial blueprint of your website.


Next our team uses all of your specifications to produce your unique website.

Final Touches & Launch

Meet with our team to discuss final changes & requirements and launch your new TJB site!

Web Hosting


What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the storage of a website on a secure server, allowing any user from around the world to connect to it. It is important that your site can be retrieved quickly by users, so hosting your site on a fast, secure and safe server is vital to online success.


Why Host With Us?

Our servers at TJB are located on the Google Cloud, providing cutting edge high speed service, daily back-ups and easily scalable servers to match site traffic and demand. Hosting with us allows us to keep your website up to date, up to scratch and running efficiently.

Support & Maintenance

When hosting on our servers, we offer 24/7 support for you and your business. Maintain contact with our team and we will ensure any changes or additions wanted to your site will be made quickly and efficiently. TJB will also undertake routine maintenance to ensure the smooth, quality running of your website.

Constant Monitoring

Our servers are monitored constantly by a team of web server experts, helping to keep your server running smoothly, reliably and fast. This prevents data loss and ensures secure backups of your website.

Website Files

The files for your website are stored on our server.

Our Servers

We use Google Cloud servers to store your site and its backups.

The Internet

Users can find your site by linking your domain to our server.

Website User

Your site users can access the site at any time by typing in your domain name or finding you on google.

Search Engine Optimisation

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be organic (unpaid) and non-organic (paid). Here at TJB, we weave organic search engine optimisation elements into your site as we make it, utilising key words and phrases that boost your position in Google search results. We also ensure to implement impressive features and top quality web development into the creation of your unique website to help achieve higher rankings, making your business visible to a larger market.

Our SEO Process


To begin, we undertake a detailed competitor online presence analysis to better under your business’s current competitive position online. Additionally, we look into the underlying statistics driving internet traffic to your market and what keywords are vital to increasing search rankings on Google.


During this phase, we assemble a plan to increase online engagement with your website. From our research, we will determine how your customers search and how to best direct your target market to you.


We put our plan into action, optimising your website in order to attract online users by ensuring it is fully functional for mobile phone and desktop use, due to half of all internet traffic coming from that of mobile devices. Back-linking your website in your business’s social media will also aid in increasing your appearance in Google search.


By adding Google Analytics to your site, we can monitor the success of our SEO method and fine tune it to maximise online exposure.