Search Engine Optimisation

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be organic (unpaid) and non-organic (paid). Here at TJB, we weave organic search engine optimisation elements into your site as we make it, utilising key words and phrases that boost your position in Google search results. We also ensure to implement impressive features and top quality web development into the creation of your unique website to help achieve higher rankings, making your business visible to a larger market.

Our SEO Process


To begin, we undertake a detailed competitor online presence analysis to better under your business’s current competitive position online. Additionally, we look into the underlying statistics driving internet traffic to your market and what keywords are vital to increasing search rankings on Google.


During this phase, we assemble a plan to increase online engagement with your website. From our research, we will determine how your customers search and how to best direct your target market to you.


We put our plan into action, optimising your website in order to attract online users by ensuring it is fully functional for mobile phone and desktop use, due to half of all internet traffic coming from that of mobile devices. Back-linking your website in your business’s social media will also aid in increasing your appearance in Google search.


By adding Google Analytics to your site, we can monitor the success of our SEO method and fine tune it to maximise online exposure.