Social Media Marketing UK


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing or management is the process of analysing social media audiences and developing a strategy that’s tailored to them, creating and distributing quality content for social media profiles, monitoring online conversations with the profile’s audience, collaborating with big names in the space and monitoring, measuring and reporting on social media performance and return on investment.


Enjoy the Benefits Without the Burden

At TJB Digital Services we will grow your social media presence and enable you to reap the rewards without the burden of allocating your valuable time to social media growth. It is crucial that business owners understand the true importance of social media marketing and the power a well thought out a strategy has. Why throw away your chance to generate leads, garner sales and increase brand awareness by trying to take it on yourself and falling short?

Social Media Marketing Services UK

At TJB we believe in success in 3 pillars when running your social media platforms.

Engaging Content
  • Interesting, entertaining and informative posts.
  • Interactions with other people and companies in the space.
  • Strategy
    Robust Strategy

    We’ll work with you to determine an overall goal for your marketing and plan out how to achieve it.

    Intelligent Reporting

    We’ll create a dashboard that monitors key metrics to facilitate decision making.

    Current Social Media Marketing Clients in UK

    This image displays a previous client of ours, Automated Trading Solutions, who we have made a website for.

    SEO Blog Content Creation


    SEO Implemented Blog Content

    TJB offers SEO implemented blog content to help businesses release meaningful content that’s tailored to them, informing and updating their audience whilst improving their overall search ranking.


    Why Implement SEO Blogs?

    Blogs are a great way to keep your website and business updated. Informing your customers and gaining more traffic to your website through blog posts are a great way to boost leads and sales. SEO implementation in your blogs are a massive help in improving your website’s overall search ranking which in turn will grow your business.