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A reimagining of classic fairytales

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The Problem

The Producer & Narrator of the Tales of Torment Podcast had written and recorded the creative podcast but desired a platform for listeners to tune in on as well as posting it on third party platforms. But the producer lacked the skill set to do so and needed the site up quick. The Podcast had eager listeners waiting to review the podcast as well as its’ own platform, due to this a fast approaching deadline for completion was set.

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Our Solution

The Producer & Narrator of the Tales of Torment Podcast approached us to create a website for the podcast that reflected its’ spooky setting. Due to the website having a fast approaching deadline our design lead worked alongside the producer via zoom over the course of two sessions to produce the website. Firstly the client and our design lead collaborated to create a design plan that would lead to the client’s desired outcome. Our design lead then developed an initial template to gain efficient feedback from the producer. Once the template was approved in the first session the second session involved producing the functional website. Once the pages were built the last thing to do was to upload the podcast episodes. The client was very Impressed that we were able to tackle the challenge of producing the functional podcast site within two sessions. Due to our quick and efficient work the podcast and platform went on to receive a top class review.


It was a pleasure to work alongside TJB. I was able to play an active role in ensuring that the website was exactly how I wanted it to be. I couldn't recommend them enough to anyone looking to invest in a website!

Matty Beatty
Tales of Torment Podcast