About Us

We are TJB Digital Services, a Swansea based digital services company. We work with a wide range of businesses ranging from SME's to large organisations. Our wide array of services include Bespoke Web Design. Web Hosting. Search Engine Optimisation. Animation. Social Media Management. And more.

Our Mission

“Here at TJB, we understand the importance of an online presence to businesses in the digital age. Therefore, we aim to provide our clients with the bespoke online presence that both you and your consumers deserve, unlocking your business’ full potential with websites designed to attract clients, boost sales and maximise growth.”

Our Team

Thomas Beatty


Head of Development

Joshua Vincent


Head of Customer Acquisition

Ben Llewelyn


Head of Marketing


At TJB Digital Services we understand that parting with a big sum of money without seeing a finished project can be daunting. So when working with us, you don’t have to worry about paying any big upfront fees until we have a finished project ready for you and your business. At TJB we strive to build excellent working relationships with our clients before, during and after the project. We ensure to deliver a unique website made to your exact specifications.

TJB Digital Services is Santander Supported!

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Jobs at TJB Digital Services

Web Developer

Work Opportunity: TJB Digital Services are a student-led website design agency based in Swansea. We are looking to work with students with HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge to work alongside us. Opportunity lasts for 8 weeks and will be an excellent experience for aspiring website developers. Schedule is flexible to fit any student’s studying requirements. To apply or for more information, email your CV or portfolio to us at careers@tjbdigitalservices.com