Transgender Activism UK

A charity and support platform for the Transgender and LGBTQ+ Community

Transgender Activism UK Landing Page

The Problem

The founder of the platform Transgender Activism UK had a goal of creating a space that people within the community could find support and those who wanted to support could help with donations. But, they didn’t have a platform to drive people to.

Transgender Activism UK Full Landing Page

Our Solution

The Founder of Transgender Activism UK approached us to undertake this project to produce them an online presence. Firstly, we met with the founder over zoom to discuss their charity and the specifications for the website. Through our initial meeting we were able to gather specific design criteria and translated this into an initial template . From there we designed the website according to their specifications, feedback and the template that was produced and approved. Once the website was complete the founder was very pleased with the outcome. We ensured all branding was on point and in line with the community the charity represents. Along with this we also linked numerous other great charities that offer further support and opportunity to donate to those in need. We were proud to undertake this project and help make a difference in supporting the LGBTQ+ community.


TJB did a remarkable job in creating a website for our cause. Not only did they create a beautiful website that reflects our community, they also showed their care and support throughout the process. Thank you from us all!

Transgender Activism UK