Web Hosting Services UK


What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the storage of a website on a secure server, allowing any user from around the world to connect to it. It is important that your site can be retrieved quickly by users, so hosting your site on a fast, secure and safe server is vital to online success.


Why Host With Us?

Our servers at TJB are located on the Google Cloud, providing cutting edge high speed service, daily back-ups and easily scalable servers to match site traffic and demand. Hosting with us allows us to keep your website up to date, up to scratch and running efficiently. When hosting with us we offer top quality aftercare and 24/7 support, enabling us to be a key player in Web Hosting Services UK.

Support & Maintenance

When hosting on our servers, we offer 24/7 support for you and your business. Maintain contact with our team and we will ensure any changes or additions wanted to your site will be made quickly and efficiently. TJB will also undertake routine maintenance to ensure the smooth, quality running of your website.

Constant Monitoring

Our servers are monitored constantly by a team of web server experts, helping to keep your server running smoothly, reliably and fast. This prevents data loss and ensures secure backups of your website.

Website Files

The files for your website are stored on our server.

Our Servers

We use Google Cloud servers to store your site and its backups.

The Internet

Users can find your site by linking your domain to our server.

Website User

Your site users can access the site at any time by typing in your domain name or finding you on google.

Businesses Currently Hosted